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I say my prayers at night and thankful for my blessings,im a kind ,caring

helpwithhouse started this conversation
I say my prayers at night and thankful for my blessings,im a kind ,caring person.i have a house.and it to the point .i have no bathroom. ,must carry buckets of water to take a bath,i have one main spicket hose to wash my hair.the house is falling in the plaster has fell hit me on the head.the kitchen sink u can run no water in steps tp my bed room are all 54 and i am disabled. i have no money to have my home remodeled i live on 708 a month after tax's i have 260 $ to live on.Is there some one that could help me.keep my house.i live in pennslyvania. Im all alone i have no family,there all passed.and i have proof. i dont want to live where i cant invite anyone in.But i have no choice.I was happy to have a blow up bed bought for me.because my main bed the box springs are broken to floor,the steps are so bad you cant take the bed from my bedroom to throw away to risky.please ive tried everything.god bless and thanks for this sight.i am in my living room now its the best room.but up above my head is hard plaster that falls. pics of jesus hide my heart ache where im typing from.I hope someones asking comes true god bless
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